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3 Home Inspection Tips

1. Don’t Make Assumptions about New Construction. No matter what the builder tells you or how many papers he shows you, always contract with a licensed and experienced home inspector when purchasing either a new home or an existing one.

2. Attend the Inspection. Even though you will receive a full and detailed written report after your inspection it’s important that you follow the inspector through the home during it. That way, you’ll not only know what issues the house has, but you’ll be able to ask questions to get a full understanding of what’s important and what’s more of a cosmetic issue

3. Know What’s Being Tested and What’s Not. Home inspectors generally inspect and assess structural elements of the home such as the foundation and window alignment, as well as the grounds. They look for septic tank leaks, proper exterior drainage, and the overall condition of the driveway and sidewalks. They’ll also inspect the roof, exterior surfaces, outdoor lighting and the garage. Inside, home inspectors will check the attic, all appliances and home systems as well as the basement. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that there are no issues with these since they don’t show up on the inspection report.

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