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Central Air-Conditioning System Maintenance

1. Clean the Exterior Condenser Unit and Components.Remove any leaves, spider webs and other debris from the unit's exterior. Trim foliage back several feet from the unit to ensure proper air flow.

Remove the cover grille to clean any debris from the unit's interior.

2. Inspect the Condensate Drain Line. Inspect the drain line for obstructions, such as algae and debris. If the line becomes blocked, water will back up into the drain pan and overflow, potentially causing a safety hazard or water damage to your home.

Make sure the hoses are secured and fit properly.

3. Cover the Exterior Unit. When the cooling season is over, you should cover the exterior condenser unit in preparation for winter.

4. Close the Air-Distribution Registers. Air-distribution registers are duct openings in ceilings, walls and floors where cold air enters the room. They should be closed after the cooling season ends in order to keep warm air from back-flowing out of the room during the warming season.

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