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Exterior Home Maintenance

1) Roof shingles look for missing or not lined up properly which happens with severe winds. 2) Gutters and downspouts – may need cleaning and/or repairs in the spring after the trees are green. 3) Windows and doors – may need maintenance, especially when made of wood. You need to check the caulking that seals gaps where they meet your home's siding. Wood rot occurs where there's water on window sills, door thresholds & the vertical kick plate just below a door. 4) Fascia (vertical facing out) boards and soffits (horizontal underneath overhang) – are just below the roof line. When fascia and soffits are made of wood, painting promptly will prevent the wood from absorbing water which causes wood rot. 5) Inspect exterior for cracks.Cracks can provide a pathway for moisture and water to enter into a wall system. As an example, water that gets behind stucco will soften the material it comes in contact with, eventually causing stucco to break away and fall off in sheets. Moisture and water trapped inside walls can lead to additional problems, such as paint failure, wood rot, mold growth, musty smell, swollen drywall and irreparable damage. #homeinspector #homeinspection #realestate #LA #SD

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