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Protect Your Property From Water Damage.

Identify and Repair All Leaks and Cracks The following are common building-related sources of water intrusion: windows and doors: Check for leaks around your windows, storefront systems and doors. roof: Improper drainage systems and roof sloping reduce roof life and become a primary source of moisture intrusion. Leaks are also common around vents for exhaust or plumbing, rooftop air-conditioning units, or other specialized equipment. Seal any cracks and holes in exterior walls, joints and foundations. plumbing: Check for leaking plumbing fixtures, dripping pipes (including fire sprinkler systems), clogged drains (both interior and exterior), defective water drainage systems and damaged manufacturing equipment. Exterior walls are generally comprised of a number of materials combined into a wall assembly. When properly designed and constructed, the assembly is the first line of defense between water and the interior of your building. It is essential that they be maintained properly (including regular refinishing and/or resealing with the correct materials). storage areas: hashtag#HOMEINSPECTOR hashtag#HOMEINSPECTION hashtag#REALESTATE hashtag#LA hashtag#SD

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